Prior to registration we encourage you to arrange for a visit to the daycare, meet the staff. We can then discuss your child’s development and individual needs in order to prepare a plan to create a smooth transition for your child into the daycare. Prior to your child’s start day and  to  complete  your  child’s registration  process, you  must  provide  the  following:

  • Completed Parent/Guardian Agreement
  • Completed Registration form
  • Passport size photo of your child
  • Completed Emergency Medical Treatment Consent form
  • Completed photograph permission forms
  • Non- refundable registration fee of ETB 3000 


All  children  in  the  daycare  program  are  encouraged  to  have  a  rest  during  our  quiet time; however, we do not force children to sleep. If a child is unable to rest on the cot provided, the daycare staff will provide the child with a quiet activity such  as  looking  at  books  that  they  may  become  involved  in.  The  infant  and  toddler  program  has  a  separate  sleep  room  for  the  children.


All children’s personal items must be labelled with your child’s name – We request children not bring other personal toys from  home  to  the daycare to ensure that they do not get lost or taken home by another child.

Items Your Child Will Need

  1. A nutritious lunch and snack (please remember not to send in any glass bottles or sugary foods)
  2. Inside shoes or slippers
  3. A full change of clothing including underwear and socks
  4. Diapers and wipes if needed
  5. Water bottle (the school has water filter so bottles can be refilled throughout the day so your child can be hydrated)
  6. Blanket (which will be sent home once a week for washing) (Your child needs the blanket for comfort, not warmth so please make sure it is not too big)
  7. Something familiar to aid their rest time e.g. favorite toy
  8. Any bottles and formula they require during the day (formula must be pre made by the parent at home)
  9. Two face mask (for children 4 and above)

Please make sure that all the items are well marked with your child’s name.


Parents/ Guardians

Parents/Guardians are responsible for immediately reporting within 24 hours any changes of address, phone number, employment, work hours or person designated to pick up child, so that we may contact you in the event of an emergency. It is understood and agreed that your child will NOT be released to anyone not designated in writing by you. If an emergency arises that you are unable to notify Good Beginnings in writing, you must notify by phone and give your password to the individual picking up your child. The staff will require this password before the child will be released to someone not on your pickup list.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 3:00pm.

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Temenja Yaz, New AU Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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