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Our school is fully equipped and designed to be child friendly

Good Beginnings is a franchise international preschool that has gone through careful authorization procedures and demonstrated an internationally acceptable commitment to professionalism and education. We provide care for children aged 6 months to school age. Our team consist of highly experienced, qualified staff who are friendly and always available to discuss your issues and concerns.  The center environment is set up primarily to ensure the health and safety of children and enhance comfort and convenience. Our center provides developmentally appropriate toys, equipment and materials to help foster your child’s learning and growth. Security cameras are also installed at different angles where managers as well as parents can observe activities in the various areas of the setting throughout the day.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide young children with a stimulating, exciting and safe environment, where they can discover, communicate and learn to express themselves at many levels. Play is an essential part of their learning process and is used to expand their boundaries, through which children can begin to understand themselves and the world around them. Through play and activities, music and song, story and poetry, experience and observation, interaction and communication, we provide a foundation on which to build.
Our Vision
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a leading international school providing high quality education that visibly redefines our student’s future. To providing a Learning center that is fully equipped and designed in line with what parents want, every child deserves and a country needs.

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Meet Our Staff

Our staff is highly trained, and educated in the Early Childhood field.
Here at Good Beginnings, it’s not only our staff, students and programs, but also our facilities that solidify us as one of Ethiopia’s leading early childhood education providers. Your child will have a blast learning in our dazzling facilities. We have got the passion to ensure that the environment is welcoming, stimulating and secure for young children of all ages and backgrounds and our space provides this.

Aregash Mamo

EY Director

Stephanie C. Mills

Childcare consultant

Siobhan Power

Childcare Health Consultant