• Friendly and Dedicated Team
  • Small Class Sizes
  • High Quality Lessons from the American International Preschool Curriculum
  • Play based learning
  • Bright, Active Rooms
  • Outdoor soft play area
  • Fully equipped library
  • Structured role play room
  • Play based learning curriculum designed to encourage confidence and self-esteem alongside academic progress
  • Full British phonics programme incorporating Letters and sounds and Letterland
  • Safe, trustworthy and clean environment with video surveillance
  • Trained in the American International Preschool Curriculum
  • Spacious building and classrooms with dedicated dining rooms for each year range
  • Separate sleeping rooms for each year range
  • Imported toys and educational equipment
  • Huge outdoor play area with imported soft play area

Welcome to Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings exists to provide high quality care and education to young children ages 6 months  up to 6 years. We seek to meet the individual needs of children and families within a safe, nurturing, and richly diverse environment. We encourage safe exploration in a well-organized and child-safe space where children can explore freely with the aim to effectively manage behavior and encourage learning. The program is licensed by the American based International Preschool Curriculum. Each classroom is staffed with qualified teachers and teaching assistants as well as fully trained nannies.

Educational Theory and the IPC

Active Learning

Creativity at Good Beginnings

Outdoor Activities at Good


The program’s warm, welcoming and nurturing environment is designed to support the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of babies and infants while developing positive and healthy attitudes towards a setting outside of the home.

The program flows over 5 stages that ensure the needs of all are met:

STAGE 1 – Little hands – Under 2s

STAGE 2 – New beginnings – 2yo

STAGE 3 – Discovery – 3yo

STAGE 4 – Explorers – 4yo

STAGE 5 – Adventurers – 5yo

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 Outdoor Activities

– Slides

– Merry-go-round

– Trampoline

– Swings

– Seesaw

– Sandpit

– Climbs

– Playhouse

– Bikes

– Cars

– Mini gym

– Plastic animals

– Soft play area

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– Art

– Music

– Library

– Block

– Toys

– Sand and water

– Nature and animals

– Math and manipulative


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Our environment

We provide a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate learning environment for children. We strive to appreciate and respect each child’s uniqueness in learning styles and his/her pace in intellectual & physical growth. Our Staff focuses on each child’s individual needs and promote his/her development through providing educational and age-appropriate programs.

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Temenja Yaz, New AU Road, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Creative Activities
Language Development
Stem Activities
Educational Play Activities
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